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The approach to sport training isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why Stone City Athletics provides training programs that are specific to the sports you love. Recognizing the nuances and demands of different sports, our trainers develop regimens that focus on the precise muscles, movements and strategies vital to each discipline. By intertwining our advanced sports performance training techniques with science-backed methodologies, we create a training environment that allows athletes to dominate.
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Sport Specific Training

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At Stone City Athletics, we strive to create a specialized gym for sports training, an environment that can be an athlete’s playground. By providing the right equipment, knowledge and motivation, we can help push you to new heights that allow you to excel in your sport. Our methods are tried, tested, and consistently refined to keep up with the evolving demands of sports, helping with proper form, movement and muscle memory. We’ve worked with countless athletes, from amateurs, to pros within leagues like the NHL, AHL, NCAA, OUA, OHL and more. With a proven track record and testimonials from athletes who’ve reached their peak with our assistance, Stone City Athletics remains Kingston’s top destination for serious athletic training.

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Are you determined to stand out in your sport? Join Stone City Athletics for dedicated, result-driven sports specific training. Reach out today, and let’s set the stage for your next athletic breakthrough.