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Stone City Athletics thrives in crafting fitness solutions tailored just for you. Our personal training programs aim to demonstrate, educate and motivate you throughout every step of your fitness journey. Each relationship starts by defining your goals and mapping out the pathways towards achieving them. Regardless of experience our team will make you feel welcomed and comfortable as you begin your fitness journey.

Stone City Athletic Training Services

1v1 Personal Training

One-on-one personal training offers you undivided attention, ensuring every aspect of your fitness journey is carefully crafted to meet your needs and objectives. Whether you’re looking to shed those stubborn pounds, build muscle, enhance athletic performance, or simply improve your overall health and wellness, our trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.

  • 1 Day $57.50/session
  • 2 Days $50.00/session
  • 3+ Days $42.50/session

Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private sessions allow you to workout in a two on one setting. Your trainer will create a custom program for you and have both clients working out together. Not only does this help with motivation but it is cost effective! Get all the benefits of one on one training at a more affordable rate.

  • 1 Day $75.00 ($37.50 each)/session
  • 2 Day $70.00 ($35.00 each)/session
  • 3 Day $65.00 ($32.50 each)/session

Small Group Training

Join our small group fitness training sessions and experience the power of community-driven workouts. Led by our expert trainers, these sessions offer the perfect balance of personalized attention and group motivation. If you are looking to save a bit of money and workout in a small group then this is for you!

  • $25.00/session


  • Drop in $20
  • 10 Classes $150.00 ($15.00/class)
  • 20 Classes $200.00 ($10.00/class)

    *Your first class is free. 

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Your Fitness, Our Commitment

At Stone City Athletics, you aren’t just another member; you’re an extension of our family. This ethos translates to the dedication we bring to personal training. With accolades as Kingston’s top gym and personal training facility, our expertise is evident. But more than awards, our trainers prioritize your aspirations. We are a team deeply rooted in the fitness industry, well-versed in catering to diverse fitness needs – from beginners to professionals.

Choosing us means opting for an unparalleled combination of knowledge, dedication, and personal care.

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