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Starting out back in 2020, Stone City Athletics has already become known as one of the top semi-private gyms in the city. That recognition has come from the amazing results and holistic journeys that we’ve provided our clients through our unique and tailored approach to fitness and athletic development. It’s that very approach that got us rated Kingston’s #1 Personal Trainers two years in a row. But beyond awards, our true value lies in the family-atmosphere and the dedicated commitment to every client that steps through our doors. From the youth and general populace to elite athletes across leagues like NHL, AHL, NCAA, OUA, and OHL, we’re always ready to guide and motivate.

Stone City Athletics sets a new standard of excellence, sweeping the 2023 awards with Platinum wins in Personal Training, Fitness Centre and Gym, and Youth Sports and Recreation. Their unparalleled commitment to fitness and community health truly sets them apart.

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Our reputation as the top fitness destination in Kingston is not just self-proclaimed; the lives we’ve shaped and changed tell it all. Hear what our clients have to say!

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Our Approach

Personal Training

Delivering personalized fitness regimes, ensuring every session resonates with your goals.

Youth Training

By fusing fun with the fundamentals, we inspire the younger generation towards a healthy future.

Sports-Specific Training

Tailored programs enhancing your athletic prowess, preparing you to dominate on the court, field or ice.


Dynamic, all-inclusive HIIT-style sessions, ready to challenge and change you.

Meet The Team

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Tyson O’Toole | Owner/Trainer

Meet Tyson, an esteemed  OFC Platinum Certified Personal Trainer boasting a range of specialized certifications including OFC Group Fitness, Older Adult Fitness, Resistance Training, and Spin Instructor. Additionally, Tyson holds NCCP certification along with CPR & First Aid training.

With a wealth of experience spanning several years, Tyson has passionately guided individuals across diverse age groups and fitness levels, including both amateur and professional athletes from esteemed leagues such as NHL, AHL, OHL, and NCAA.

Tyson’s personal journey into fitness evolved from a background in competitive sports, having excelled in Junior Hockey and Competitive Volleyball. Transitioning from his athletic career, Tyson found his calling in fitness, driven by a profound passion for workouts and a strong desire to assist others in achieving their fitness aspirations.

Beyond sculpting fitness regimens, Tyson’s approach goes beyond mere training sessions; he’s committed to forging lasting friendships with his clients. Expect not just an enhancement in fitness levels, but the forging of a lifelong connection and support system.

Join Tyson on a transformative journey where fitness goals are surpassed, and friendships flourish. Together, let’s achieve the heights of fitness and camaraderie.

Dustin Griffin | Trainer

Dustin’s venture into the  realm of fitness was born from a profound personal experience. Following two lung collapses and subsequent surgery, he embarked on a transformative path to reclaim his health. This pivotal moment ignited Dustin’s fitness odyssey, ultimately inspiring his pursuit of a career in personal and athletic training.

With certifications in OFC Platinum Personal Training, Group Fitness, Spin, and Fitness Yoga, Dustin merges his firsthand understanding of overcoming physical challenges with professional expertise. His journey from adversity to triumph serves as the cornerstone of his passion for guiding others towards their wellness goals.

Beyond the gym, Dustin finds solace and purpose in the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the thrill of hiking, and the serenity of camping. These pursuits not only complement his dedication to fitness but also reflect his resilience, determination, and love for the great outdoors.

Dustin’s journey from adversity to triumph serves as a testament to the transformative power of fitness. Join him on a holistic fitness expedition that not only shapes your body but revitalizes your spirit. Together, let’s conquer fitness goals and revel in life’s adventures.

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Jesse Burns | Trainer

Meet Jesse, a dedicated fitness enthusiast hailing from the scenic Rideau Lakes. His journey into the realm of fitness was a natural evolution fueled by a deep-seated passion for athletics and a desire to work closely with sports enthusiasts. Growing up amidst a family deeply entrenched in the fitness industry, Jesse found inspiration and guidance from multiple family members who shared his fervor for fostering wellness.

Armed with certifications in OFC Platinum Personal Training and Group Fitness, Jesse is committed to crafting tailored fitness experiences. His aspiration to work with athletes is rooted in over 15 years of personal involvement in soccer and basketball, instilling in him a profound understanding of the intricacies of athletic training and performance enhancement.

Beyond the courts and fields, Jesse finds joy in the virtual arena of sports-based video games and the art of culinary exploration through cooking and meal preparation. These diverse interests not only reflect his passion for sports and wellness but also showcase his creativity and dedication in various facets of life.

Join Jesse in a holistic journey towards fitness and well-being, where expertise meets passion, and every stride is a step towards achieving personal athletic greatness.

Tim O’Toole | Owner

Born and raised in Kingston, Tim’s journey is etched with a passion for sports and a commitment to coaching excellence. Starting with minor hockey in KAMHA, he swiftly progressed to the BCHL, eventually carving a path into semi-professional leagues. Tim’s extensive experience as an athlete laid the foundation for his remarkable coaching career spanning over 25 years across a multitude of sports.

Recently retired from a successful tenure as a sales manager in the automotive industry, Tim seamlessly transitioned his expertise into a new realm. He now channels his wealth of experience and people-centric approach into elevating the marketing and client experience at SCA.

Tim’s story embodies a fusion of sportsmanship, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His dedication to coaching and honing talent has left an indelible mark in various sporting arenas. Today, he continues his journey, leveraging his insights and passion to redefine the landscape of client engagement and marketing strategies at SCA.

Join Tim in his quest to bridge experience and innovation, where each chapter resonates with the echoes of dedication, sportsmanship, and a commitment to fostering exceptional client experiences.

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